The age of instant connectivity has been going strong for a few years now, and the real estate market is no exception. From popular real estate platforms like Trulia and Zillow to the lesser-known Lovely and Homesnap, a horde of smartphone apps is ready to assist any enterprising homebuyer in their search for the perfect home.

While it’s heartening to see people using all of their available resources, there’s one that’s often overlooked: the buyer’s agent.

You can be the most tech-savvy person in the world, but without knowledge of the local market, experience negotiating offers, a reliable home inspector, and connections in the financing world, ultimately you could be losing money on your new investment.

Enlisting a buyer’s agent ensures that someone is fighting for your best interests. While it’s easy to think that whomever you’ve found to show you through a potential home would not lead you astray, the truth is that until a buyer’s agency agreement is signed, that agent may be holding out on you.


  • your agent will research homes you’d like to see
  • your agent will answer your questions, and point out potential disadvantages
  • your buyer’s agent will prepare your offer on your terms, and negotiate for your benefit.
  • Best of all, these benefits come at no cost to you—your buyer’s agent’s commission is paid for entirely by the seller.
If you decide to go without a buyer’s agent, not only might you have to pay a lawyer to draft contracts, but you’ll also have to find a licensed agent to attend the home inspection and appraisal. The home’s listing agent might be willing to do this to ensure the transaction goes smoothly—or they may ask for a portion of the price that would’ve been allotted to your agent.

Keep these points in mind before turning to your smartphone for your next home. Consider a buyer’s agent to do the legwork for you, and enjoy how easy the process of buying a home can be.