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Pat Bolger
With over thirty years of expertise in sales, marketing, negotiation, and management, Pat Bolger has earned his place as one of the area's most successful agents. Pat and his team, specialize in luxury lake country homes and lake properties for sale, and we contend that a quick sale means an undersold home. We prefer to earn our sellers more for their homes, and we accomplish this through our passion for and expertise in the Lake Country area. The Pat Bolger Realty Group is committed to offering a better way of doing real estate. Please contact us if you're interested in listing your home with us or purchasing a home in the Lake Country area.

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Buying a home

When buying a house in Southeastern WI, make sure you choose a realtor or group that puts your dreams and budget as their top priority. We could list our qualifications and bullet points of achievements all day long but it is the agent who truly understands you and creates a fit that makes sense. Don't sign a buyers’ agent agreement with anyone, contact us and give us a chance to match you with one of our agents that is the right fit for you.

Selling your property

When you put your home up for sale, you enter into the market. Your home
will compete against other homes in your market for the BUYER. Are
BUYERS coming to your home as potential owners or to eliminate it? Do
you know who your direct competition is? Select a good agent who will provide you the service you need.

Selecting your agent

When it comes to selecting your agent make sure to note the following 5 factors. Pat Bolger is leader in all these areas:

• Top Production
• Market Leadership
• Proven Results
• Marketing Expertise
• Negotiation Expertise